Below is a list of useful sites that I highly recommend, ranging from information for competitive and social dancing to general lifestyle information to help you build and get your game on to building that dancing lifestyle.

Dance Related (Social and Competitive)

  • Video lectures on how to improve your competitive Ballroom and Latin dances.
  • Dance Comp Review: Informational site on all things related to competitive Ballroom dancing.
  • Dance Advantage: Primarily aimed for the ballet audience, contains a wealth of information on how to learn and improve your dancing.
  • Dancesport Total ChannelWorld DanceSport Federation (WDSF)‘s official YouTube channel for clips of some of the world’s top dancers burning the floor.
  • The WDSF AcademyWDSF‘s YouTube channel of dance lectures aimed at competitive Ballroom and Latin dances.
  • High quality Dancesport videos of top couples dancing in competitions.
  • Joel Minden: Specialist in sports psychology and strength conditioning for competitive Ballroom dancing.
  • Joao Capela: Sports psychology and mental trainer for Dancesport.

Dance Music Sources

  • WRD Music: Music label and distributor for competitive modern edge dance music CDs.
  • DSI Australia: Distributor for single high quality digital tracks for popular dance music.
  • NDMI: Italian based music label for Ballroom and Latin dance music by Alessandro Olivato.
  • Todo Tango: Fabulous site for Argentine Tango music.

Music DJs and Remixers

  • Dancesport DJ Ice: One of the top favourite remixers for Dancesport and music editing for dance performances.
  • DJ Maksy: One of the official WDSF music DJs and music remixers.
  • DJ SalsaGodfather: Hong Kong based salsa DJ who knows how to hit the salsa floor with the hottest tracks.

Makeup Tutorials

  • Julia Graf: Makeup tutorial inspiration for your next themed makeup style.
  • Michelle Phan: Beauty and lifestyle blogger in the form of simple tips and tricks.
  • Makeup Geek: Makeup tutorials from various looks to basic guides.

 Photographers and Videographers

  • Stephen Marino Photography: One of the best Dancesport photographers based in the US. (Note: some of the fantastic photos you see on the Amantis Creations site were from his collection!)
  • Marius Mutin Productions: French based photographer and videographer with specialist experience in Dancesport related events.

Fitness and Lifestyle

  • Greatist: Fitness lifestyle resource site.
  • James Clear: Frequent reference for learning about making habits that stick.

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