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Hey there! My name is Amanda Chen (or Amantis), founder of Amantis Creations. I’m a Hong Kong urbanite and I’ve been leading a dancer lifestyle since 2011. Aside from dancing, I’m also a startup consultancy coordinator, makeup artist, scribbler, and internet junkie.

What kinds of dancing do I do?

My specialties are Dancesport Latin, Salsa and Argentine Tango. However, I’m experienced in the majority of the dances on the social dance list:
Dancesport Ballroom (International Standard):
Waltz, Tango , Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep
Dancesport Latin (International Latin):
Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive
Social/Party Dances:
Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Argentine Tango

What is a “dance lifestyle”?

Being a dancer is one thing, but following a dance lifestyle means using tricks from the dance floor to build confidence and add some glamour to the rest of life. This means to be aware of who you are, how you portray yourself, and how your overall presence affects those around you. It can be anything from how you treat your partners and your dance practice methods to building a fantastic dance music collection or adding that dab of lip gloss. Borrowing a few subtle things can make a huge difference!

2005: Still a wallflower

How did I get into this?

As an incredibly shy kid, I used to enviously eye other girls who seemed to know how to work their way around anything.  At the time, there was nobody around me who would teach me how to behave or improve my appearance, let alone dance like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

However, when I first learned how to waltz and cha cha in 2004, new social possibilities started opening up. I was ecstatic – I’d always dreamed of winning people over by becoming great at social dancing. What a great life lays ahead!

2014: Reach for the siren!

Well, not quite yet. Because aside from knowing the basic steps to a few common social dances, I still presented as a wallflower: drab, uninteresting, and way too serious. At best, I was considered “nice”. Let’s face it, in today’s society, this term is just a polite way of saying that something or someone is borderline presentable.

But fast forward to 2011, when I got into dancing more than ever before during my spare time. Something finally clicked.

The answer to improving my dancing was not the number of dance steps or moves I was able to do. It came down to other factors that escaped my attention, such as how I acted in my relationships with people or learning to tweak a subtle detail or two in my appearance.

Soon, results of my lifestyle modification began building up as dance competitions and performances came and went. Taking steps such as modifying my daily schedules, committing feedback from trusted sources and nitpicking the important details, I was able to push my personal benchmark higher with each event. I also learned to observe the tiny details that the top dancers have which set them apart from the normal dancers.

And this enriched me overall – not just as a dancer, but also in the standard of my life.

Once I changed my mindset, life round me started changing subtly at first. People would ask me to teach them dance moves or dance with them more often, conversations became more exciting and I felt a lot less shy.

I still have wallflower moments, but today, I feel much more comfortable in social situations. And I know that it’s my experiences gained from dance that have led me to who I am now.

What about actual dancing? Isn’t this site about dancing and learning the cool moves?

Short answer: Primarily, it isn’t.

Long answer: There are plenty of other sites and Youtube videos out there for tutorials. Time and again, I write and share about competitions and performances that professional and enthusiastic amateur dancers do as it is important to learn about their experiences on handling different situations. But my aim is to equip you with information – which you will not find on other sites – that can help you improve your standing as a dancer and in other, related areas of your life.

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