Coming Up With Costume Ideas When Left To Your Own Devices

One of the things that performers (especially the ladies) worry about the most is the costume and its accessories. This doesn’t just apply to pre-show jitters, it happens when it comes to counting down to the next event when you know that there will be lots of people eyeballing you, ranging from competitions to your next party.

So what happens when you have limited time and/or budget to come up with something that can potentially end up with lots of photos taken?

1. Check your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe should be your first point of call: what do you have that is already available? Sometimes it does not seem like much, but very often there are items in there that you can already use. Those tacky looking bracelets you chucked into the drawer a few years ago? They’ll work for your 70′s themed outfit!

2. Your wardrobe items in different usage.

Can that scarf be doubled as a head band or bandanna? Maybe it can be tied to your waist as a fashionable belt. Your wardrobe item does not necessarily have a fixed usage. Do a search online for “different uses for hair elastics”. You’ll be surprised by the alternatives items can be used for.

3. Do a little DIY.

True story: When coming up with dressing up as Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly one Halloween, I knew I needed a long cigarette holder to complete the look. However, I wasn’t going to spend that money on getting the real thing for something I’d probably only use once. So I found a disposable chopstick, coloured it in with black marker, attached some paper covered straws cut to size, and varnished it with clear nail polish. You’d be amazed at how a little DIY crafting goes a long way.

4. Source cheap accessories.

You may want to ask around a little for this, but there are places in most towns where cheap accessories might work just as well as the real thing. Typically, these can be found in your local flea market or wholesale priced shops.

5. Pinterest, YouTube, and Google are your friends.

With visual curation sites such as Pinterest being widely available, resources for coming up with different ways you can dress up as Black Swan or Maleficent are countless, particularly if there is high enough demand to dress certain roles (such as a Roaring 20s Flapper Girl). YouTube also comes with plenty of makeup tutorials to complete your look.

6. Ask friends if they can lend something to you for a day.

If all else fails, asking a friend (who will hopefully be around the same dress size) to lend you an outfit or accessory. You will at least want to try it on first to see how it looks on you as the outcome could look different. Do remember to return the items in good, if not better, condition if you want to stay on good terms.

Over to you: Where do you go when you need costume ideas? How do you put them into action? Let me know in the comments below! Share this article with a friend who might find this helpful!

Image Source: Caitlin Regan

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