Remembering Is Your Responsibility!

Sure, you miss the step on occasions, but have you ever felt the frustration towards other people who seem to keep forgetting their routines over and over?

Don’t laugh, because others might feel the same towards you when you forget yours!

Why is it your responsibility to remember your dance steps?

1. You won’t progress if you keep forgetting.

Every week, you probably go to the same teacher, and perhaps wonder why he is still teaching you that same step you’ve already learned 2 weeks ago. Chances are, either you or another classmate has forgotten that step and the teacher is reviewing what was taught in the previous week.

While it is true that instructors are usually required by default to review the steps and technique when you forget, how will you learn new things if you keep forgetting and have to be reminded every single time?

This is true for not just steps and choreography, but also for the other elements such as position and execution techniques.

2. Your partner might not have the correct steps in mind.

Your dance partner is precisely that: a partner who will be dancing together with you, but not necessarily the exact same steps.

Experienced dancers usually have some knowledge of the reverse role, and might be able to remind you of some of the steps. But when you are dancing as a competitor or performer, the steps in the partnership between the two are not always the same due to many of it consisting of basic step variations.

Keep in mind that your partner already has their own steps that they need to memorize and at most can serve as a gentle reminder, but can easily take up a lot of time just to go through the steps alone.

3. You are dragging others behind schedule.

Especially if you’re crunched for time in a performance group that has at least 3 couples and it’s already hard to match each other’s schedules, you would be pressed to deliver the correct steps so that the rehearsal can go on.

You will most certainly not want to be the person the coach screams at for constantly forgetting your part when you’ve had the time to go home and practice on your own. Not only does this show your lack of professionalism, there will possibly be no more next time for you for future performances.

In conclusion

Of course, the best way to go about this is to keep practicing your part frequently outside the lesson and partner rehearsal time. Not only will you be able to progress faster, others will see you as less of a burden and will save time and make more room for other practices.

Over to you: Have you ever had issues with others coming to class and keep forgetting the steps? Do you have techniques of your own to help you remember your part? Let me know in the comments below!

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