Music Collections: Croma Latina, The (Italian) Latin Band

Who are you covering today?

Croma Latina, the Italian made Latin band.

What’s the deal?

A name that frequently graces the Tropical Billboard charts and CD compilations, Croma Latina is a common crowd favourite frequently played at Salsa parties. Specializing in Salsa and Bachata original songs and covers, the group has found success as a leader in the Latin American music genre, spreading their love for danceable rhythms worldwide.

What’s the music like?

Keeping to basic rhythms, the group’s music remains true to maintaining the typical Salsa beats commonly found in classical Cuban style Salsa music. This is particularly true when listening to Croma Latina’s covers such as their Salsa version Enrique Iglesias’ Bailando. Similarly, their Bachata tracks are especially pleasant and more upbeat to listen to without the cheese factor that’s frequently seen in many Bachata focused acts, as seen in Fotonovela. Aside from the accessible beats that get the feet moving, Croma Latina’s vocalists Max and Rita’s warm and friendly singing make the songs extremely welcoming to any audience.

Why should I add this to my collection?

Similar to the likes of Celia Cruz, Croma Latina is superbly easy to listen to, and is especially well-suited for beginner dancers who have just started learning to dance Salsa and Bachata. Popular, enticing, and modern, Croma Latina will always encourage a fabulously fun atmosphere on the floor.

Recommended Listening

Mainly Salsa and Bachata original tracks and a few covers.


Video source: LatinEuropeRecords

Bailando (ft. Jesus El Nino)
La Fiesta De Mi Compadre
You Are My Everything
La Rumba Me Llama

Vivo Por Tu Amor
Stereo Love/Amor Estereo

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