Why I Always Carry A BB Cream Compact

When it comes to daily personal grooming, especially on a last moment’s office, what is the first makeup product should you be keeping with you in your bag at all times?

Lipstick will give you a slick of colour and it’s something that many girls would carry in their bags due to its small size. It is essential, but when used alone, you might still have a less than desirable complexion.

The answer for me, especially as I prefer to have mostly makeup free days, is to carry a BB cream compact on me. I swear this habit has helped contribute to having me at least look like I have a decently healthy complexion on photographs on otherwise tired days.

What is BB Cream?

Marketed with the BB standing for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm”, the BB cream is highly promoted as an “all-in-one” product for both skin care and makeup, with some brands offering extras such as sun protection, moisturizing properties, or anti-aging components, in addition to providing effective colour coverage for the skin. Whether the claims are true or not, on many days, I prefer to carry my trusty MAC BB Prep+Prime compact and rely on it as my go-to product for minimal makeup application at a moment’s notice.

Why BB Cream and not foundation?

Unlike foundations, BB creams feel much lighter on the skin as they do not cake up and clog your pores. Even when comparing compact and pressed powder forms of foundations to BB cream, the skin still feels reasonably breathable (due to its light creaminess).

They also take much less time to apply for 80% coverage (which is enough for social level distance). With foundation and finishing powder, the fastest time I can do the basic coverage is around 10 minutes. On the other hand, using the BB Cream compact to do the same job, this number is easily reduced to 3 minutes on average due to it being one step less for finishing powder and its easy blending abilities.

As for which preferred form to buy, compacts are highly recommended compared to ones that come in tubes. Simply because:

1. You wouldn’t want to touch your face directly with your fingers, especially if you’ve already been out on the road for most of the day. Bonus points if your product comes with its own makeup sponge.

2. Imagine if the cap was accidentally unscrewed or not closed properly in your handbag. That will be one mess you wouldn’t want to contend with.

In conclusion

As with all products, there is no one-for-all magic lotion that will fit all uses. Basic liquid foundations are still the go-to products for performance and competition makeup, but with the convenience of the BB cream compact to fulfill the basic skin coverage (including mild acne and colour blemishes), it’s a highly recommended item to have in your handbag.

Over to you: do you use BB creams? What is your opinion on them? Let me know in the comments below!

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