Pre-Competition Preparation: Finding Inspiration For Your Mindset

Unlike in performance situations where you dance your set routine to a fixed music and have less variables to consider, the situation on the dance floor doing competition is completely different.

Even so, we can still find inspiration from some of the top dancers during competitions on the floor and watch how they improvise when things don’t necessarily go their way during the early (and extremely crowded) rounds.

Below are a few videos for a few examples of how competitors keep their cool and inspire us during their heated moments.

 Stop and wait patiently (Schmitt and Salikova)

As demonstrated in 1:07, we can see that Schmitt is looking after his partner by deliberately stopping (in full composure) and waiting for the other couple to leave the area before executing their trademark multi-spins. Salikova, trusting his decision and still keeping in the Cha Cha character, uses her cheeky finger wiggle at 1:11, conveying a funny unspoken message that says, “Yoohoo! I’m waiting here!”

Keep moving for an extra set while lockstepping (Goffredo and Matus)

In a similar crowding situation, Goffredo foresaw some traffic issues at 1:15, taking his partner Matus through an extra set of travelling locksteps to continue with the flow (instead of abruptly stopping) until 1:24 before continuing. This is where they gain points for knowing how to work their floorcraft and navigation skills under pressure.

Enjoy each other’s company and the audience while matching your mood to the music (Imametdinov and Bezzubova)

When you’re out competing, with so much pressure on you, sometimes you may forget to smile or get distracted because of the nervousness. Instead, take in and immerse your feelings with the music (WDSF competitions are especially good in providing tracks that make you want to dance). Take a good look at your audience and let them admire your hard work (0:34), they are there to watch you. Look at your partner in the eye (1:08) to communicate that you’re a team. Even if you’re not facing each other, make it a point to look at your partner (1:32); it’s a sign of not just appreciation, but also as a check point to make sure the other person is doing fine.

In conclusion:

Take some time to watch competition videos of top couples. Not only will they inspire you to improve your dancing, watching them is also a learning point that will entice you to become a better dancer. Most importantly, watching and applying how others keep their cool during moments of pressure when the world is watching is a formidable skill and a mindset.

Over to you: How do you find inspiration before your competition? Let me know in the comments below! Share this with a friend who can use some inspiration prior to their competition!

Video sources: DanceSportTotal Channel

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