End of an Era: What We Can Learn From Michael And Joanna

If you have been following the events at the Blackpool Dance Festival, by now, you would have already known that one of the top Latin champion couples, Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis, have announced their retirement from competitive dancing after they’ve secured their 8th consecutive win in the Professional Latin category in the British Open Championships.

It is sad news for us all, but there are many things we can learn from this incredible partnership.

1. Their individual ambitious drive has pushed them to work harder on their own terms.

In an exclusive interview with Dancesport Info, and taking a closer look at their individual developments as dancers, both Michael and Joanna have always been ambitious about their dancing from a young age.

This was touched on when asked about their previous partners; even at a young age, they have always been persistent about improving their dancing. What was striking was that nobody is immune to rejection, as described by Joanna when one of her dance classmates did not want to dance with her simply because she was a beginner.

2. Consistency to reach the top is hard work, but it’s achievable.

An important point to note and as outlined in the interview, as Joanna consistently improved on her own dancing, opportunities began to further open up as she continued to achieve better results.  It is indeed a series of hard work that has created the stepping stones of success to achieve what she and Michael have come through today.

But even so, both Michael and Joanna admit that having to defend their titles as champions is no easy task. Being able to win the first time may be an amazing feeling, but when you’ve reached the top, working hard to stay there when everybody else is playing catch up to the top title becomes a fight to achievement. Winning the championships at Blackpool for 8 consecutive times is a testament to their rigorous discipline and feat as true champions.

Having said that, here’s an excerpt of this year’s Professional Latin Rumba final at Blackpool with Michael and Joanna’s dance of honor towards the end.


Michael and Joanna, if you’re reading this, you have been a great inspiration for many of us, and thank you for touching us through your hard work and dedication to dance.

Video source: DSI London

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