Music Collections: WRD Music Review for Ultimate Ballroom Album 18 and Ultimate Latin Album 16

Before I begin: Typically, I do music reviews based on samples that are already available to public and write them up to coincide with the release week. For this time however, I would like to thank WRD Music and DJ ICE for their early notification and allowing me to sample the full tracks of both albums for a more thorough review.

So without further ado, here’s the review!

Who are you covering today?

If you’re itching to get a new dance music fix, the wait is over! WRD Music has just released brand new Ballroom and Latin dance compilation albums in The Ultimate series (The Ultimate Ballroom Album 18 and The Ultimate Latin Album 16 were released on April 27, out already!).

What’s the deal?

As much as we enjoy listening to remixes that transform popular songs into danceable mixes on the dance floor, sometimes we still have the desire to dance to originals that are already appropriate for the listed dances in the first place. The latest Ultimate collections do not disappoint as they are testaments to WRD Music‘s fundamental mission: to bring original hits for dancing for the Dancesport audience. 

Note: Both albums are available for preview listening on WRD Music’s official site.

 The Ultimate Ballroom Album 18: The Way You Look Tonight

What’s the music like?

The theme of The Way You Look Tonight is bringing modern songs to the table, shining light on both popular and lesser known (yet excellent) artists and composers. The surprising part by far is the compilation of mainly hot pop jazz and 2000′s generation swing for the Foxtrots and Quicksteps, such as Jessie J and Lena Meyer-Landrut, and, of course, some contemporary favourites such as Robbie Williams and Diana Krall gracing the track lists. For the Waltzes, the highlight of the compilation is the list of neoclassical instrumental pieces, a few of which have appeared in various movie soundtracks, for instance, The Chairman’s Waltz from Memoirs of a Geisha, as well as a few musical spotlights on modern classical musicians, such as Joshua Bell and Marc Enfroy. The Tango songs that have made it to the collection have also been pleasantly surprising due to the fact that a few of the pieces are more typical of what *milonga DJs might play at a Tango salon, yet still are interchangeable for the Ballroom Tango dance style.

*milonga: a word used to refer to an Argentine Tango dance party (or social), but it is also a type of Argentine Tango dance.

Why should I add this to my collection?

Overall, the album is beautifully curated, strongly characterized, and very easy to listen to. Because of these elements, we’re very likely to hear tracks from this album frequently played in high profile Ballroom competitions. Highly recommended as an addition to your music collection.

Recommended Listening

Popsicle Toes (Diana Krall)
The Way You Look Tonight (Maroon 5)
Goodnite (Melody Gardot)

You Deserve (Peggy Lee)

Dr Bones (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)
Zip Gun Bop (Royal Crown Revue)
Satellite (Lena Meyer Landrut)
Hey Pachuco! (Royal Crown Revue)

When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Phil Coulter)
Theme From The Elephant Man (The Soundtrack Orchestra)
La Luna Hizo Esto (Il Volo)

La Paloma (The Tango Project)
Tango Delle Rose (Gigliola Cinquetti)
Tango Por Cuatro (Los Cuatro De La Sala)

Viennese Waltz
Chertkov Waltz (Sergey Yevtushenko)
Chez Chanel (Alexandre Desplat)

Buy the music (preview available):
Buy The Ultimate Ballroom Album 18: The Way You Look Tonight on WRD Music

 The Ultimate Latin Album 16: Everytime We Touch

UL16 for website

What’s the music like?

Similar to the Ballroom release, Everytime We Touch is all about bringing popular original hits onto the dance floor. This time, the focus is more on tracks and artists that have been highly featured during the 90s and mid 2000′s, giving us hints of hot memories from several summers ago. This is especially the case when listening to tracks by Latin chart favourites such as Raul, Bustamante, Selena, and Leslie Cartaya for the Sambas, Rumbas and Cha Chas, with updated editions of old staples such as Oye Como Va and Tea For Two by Cafe Latino. Similarly, the Jive selections are just as carefree and fun, particularly when cheeky titles such as Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Scratch ‘n’ Sniff and old favourite Hanky Panky appear on the back cover. Of course, there are a few odd wild cards with the likes of Sam & The Womp’s electronica Bom Bom that have entered the playlist, but these add more as fun bonuses to the album rather than disrupt the listening flow.

Why should I add this to my collection?

Inspiring, enhanced quality, and heavy rhythms, the album might suddenly make you want to practice your dancing in the middle of your commute. You have been warned!

Recommended Listening

Do You Remember (Neil Sedaka)
Bombon (Raul)
Cuanto Te Ame (Bustamante)
Mi Sueno (Merche)

Cha Cha
No Pares (Leslie Cartaya)
Summertime (Yuliet Topaz)
Oye Como Va / Guantanamera (Cafe Latino)

Descumbriendote (Rosana Arbelo)
Everytime We Touch (Cascada)
In Assenza Di Te (Laura Pausini)
Killing Me Softly (Yuliet Topaz)

The Clapping Song (The Bon Bons)
I’m Ready (Taj Mahal)
Hanky Panky (New Burlesque Roadshow)
Things (Robbie Williams)

Buy the music (preview available):
Buy The Ultimate Latin Album 16: Everytime We Touch on WRD Music

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