Back to Basics: Why We Must Start By Counting

Aside from the steps, the very first thing that beginner dancers learn is to learn to count to music. While it will take time for people who are new to counting to music to be able to catch the beat and base rhythm (especially if they do not have prior musical training), at least counting the steps out as you go about the dancing will give a clearer image of how the dance will turn out.

Why is counting to the music key?

Simply put: The most fundamental part of the song is the timing, which in turn, is key to determining what dance it is.

Hence this is the reason why keeping to the correct tempo when dancing is most important in any competition.

(Key point to note: Not being able to keep to the correct timing is a primary reason the judges will not mark you to advance to the next round.)

However, at the same time, there is a more important reason why you must count all steps: this is to ensure that you are able to clarify exactly what you’re doing on the one, or two, or three, depending on how your choreography goes.

Counting aloud to each step will actually reinforce your ability to recall your dance routine, because without the distraction that music could bring about, just counting will condense the rhythm to the basic essentials.

After all, before the melody is added to the music, the most basic part to any piece is just the tempo to the music.

Therefore, if you are unsure of your steps, do not just jump into a fast song and hope that you’ll be able to dance to the choreography straight away. Instead, invest in some slow and normal tempo basic rhythm music (preferably ones that count for you if you’re still unsure about how to count to the dances), and count together while learning your routine’s dance steps.

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