That Extra Confident Spark: What Separates The Better Dancers From The Crowd

On any dance floor, there will always be a few people who stand out from the crowd. You can spot them instantly: they seem to have their act together, and are looking much more fearless (while looking fabulous).

So what is that extra confident spark that secretly makes them stand out from the crowd?

Have a look at Armen and Svetlana’s Cha Cha dance below:

The routine, as beautifully executed as it is for the competition, is actually based on very simple choreography. Yet what is it that makes them able to dance this routine in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd?

1. Each move is a deliberate action.

Each move is a deliberate action, meaning that every single action, be it a kick or a hand position, is already a predetermined move. This does not necessarily mean that the dancers are moving fast, it simply means that they know exactly what they are doing during a dance at any given time.

The most obvious way to train deliberation is to practice to the point where your arms, hands, feet, head position and facial expression become second nature. This also means practicing until you feel comfortable doing these actions.

2. Truly enjoy that feeling.

The best dancers are often not necessarily the ones who are always the best technically, but the ones who make the entire dance enjoyable to watch naturally would take over the spotlight.

Smile. Make that light shoulder wiggle. Feel that music. Anything that will put you into the moment will boost that extra confidence level!

Over to you: Do you have ways to boost that extra confidence on the dance floor?

Video source: DanceSport Total

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