Training Journal: Adequate Rest Is Essential!

Recently I’ve come down with an injury that worried me: smacking my knee cap on the pavement! Simply put: I tripped and fell over face down.

It’s been a lucky fall, because aside from a bruise on the knee and a graze on the elbow, nothing got broken (thankfully, despite the nasty pain).

What did I learn from this experience? Adequate rest is absolutely essential.

Why do I say that?

I was running on low levels of sleep for a few days due to a time sensitive project when the incident happened. Obviously it turned into a fiasco and I had a chain of people who were concerned, and for good reason.

Now this got me thinking: if I did indeed come down with a worse injury, it would mean several things:
1. Being out of action from some major events (such as a large upcoming performance in the coming weekend, and the WDSF Grandslam I’ll be participating).
2. A huge set back from training that’s already in place.

Another thing that’s got me thinking is how much more alive I feel when I’ve had enough rest. Not only that, I could easily have avoided that accident if I were in a situation when I was able to react faster.

But time is too precious to be wasted on the “What ifs”. Most importantly, it’s time to focus on full recovery to make it for Saturday’s performance and to get back to training!

Here’s to a full recovery!

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