Stuck In A Progression Limbo? Try Learning A Different Dance!

Ever reached a plateau when no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to be able to do some of the moves you’re learning to do?

I call it a “progression limbo”.

Frustrations occur. You end up asking yourself why you’re unable to improve in your dancing.

This is the time to take a brief breather and take on a different activity.

How about trying a different dance discipline?

I’m well aware that some dance classes can run up to be costly (this is especially the case if you are already investing in full Ballroom or Argentine Tango lessons).

But it does not necessarily have to be a set course that lasts for weeks at a time.

It simply means to go out there to sample something different, even if just for one night of (dance) partying.

For this, I highly suggest looking up parties outside of your normal dance realm. If you’re normally a Ballroom enthusiast, try Salsa. If you’re already doing Salsa, go for Argentine Tango. If you’re already a Tango dancer, head to the local Swing dance club. How about some Zouk or Kizomba?

Many of these dance socials host a pre-party dance lesson for complete beginners to get a hang of what a dance is like, with the bonus of only needing to pay for a cover charge (which usually amounts to 1 or 2 free drinks, depending on the organizers).

Not only will you be able to have a feel of a different dance discipline, you’ll also be expanding your dance knowledge and understand how you might be able to apply your dancing in other areas.

Ask your dance friends if they attend other dance socials for recommendations. Look up Facebook groups and pages in your city. Organizers are generally very welcoming when they see a new face taking interest in their dance circle and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

After an evening of partying in a different dance, you will return with a new focus in mind. It will not be a magical transformation of instant ability to break through, but after experiencing a different form of dancing previously, you’ll be able to experiment in areas where you were unable to do previously.

Why does this work?

Just by opening up briefly to a different dance, you’re rewiring your mind and body into learning in a fresh environment. Because you need to put down what you already know to pick up something new, you’re moving your body in different ways to achieve an alternative effect.

Dancing is not confined to certain moments. Changing the dynamics to experiment with an alternative dance flavour in a different style will not only enrich your understanding in which your body can move, but also be able to be more open minded about the way you usually dance.

Over to you: Have you ever experimented with going to different dance parties? Share this article with a friend who might want to take part in different dance styles!

Image source: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes

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