Styling: 5 Reasons Why I Always Carry Brown Pencil Eyeliner

On most days, I prefer to go out bare faced. However, there have been times when I needed to slap makeup on at a moment’s notice, usually on last minute notice for meet-ups that I need to attend straight after work.

Now, an un-madeup face normally renders the person to appear sleepy because of the imperfections on the skin, and who isn’t tired after a long day at work?

However, there is a neat trick that anybody can use that can instantly make your eyes appear to be more alert.

The secret? It’s brown pencil eyeliner.

Of all tools, why brown pencil eyeliner?

5 Reasons Why I Always Carry Brown Pencil Eyeliner

1. Eyeliner “lifts” the eyelids a little to eliminate the “sleepy” look.

I’ve made a comparison by lining one eye only. You can see that the unlined eye looks way sleepier than the lined eye. Just a slightly thicker application in the middle is enough to “lift” the lids already!

2. Brown smudges are not as obvious as black smudges.

When your face doesn’t have the finishing powder pre-prep (remember, the makeup is not fully applied), the colours are bound to start smudging within the first 2 hours after application. Indeed, black is much easier to see, so similarly, it causes panda eyes by the end of the night. Brown, on the other hand, is not as obvious when the same thing happens.

3. Brown looks more natural than black.

As mentioned in point 2, brown smudges are not as obvious as black. Yet similarly, when going for a more natural look, simply by lining on top of the lashes also gives the illusion of enhancing the lash volume. Of course, it does not give the same effect as applying mascara, but it’s a good way to enhance your features without trying too hard.

4. Pencils are the easiest liners to apply.

All pencils need are good sharpenings after use, otherwise they are the easiest to apply as they don’t require as much precision in application compared to liquid and gel liners.

5. It can be used by itself.

The beauty of eyeliner pencils is that they can be used by themselves without the need to prep the rest of your face in order to add some life to your eyes, especially when in a rush to freshen up before your next meeting.

As you can see in the snapshot photo, my Shu Uemura brown pencil is definitely one of those products that I have always kept on me because it is so simple and easy to use for an instant touch up on my face. I highly recommend giving brown eyeliner pencil a try!

Pro tip: make sure the pencil is easy to glide on when testing on your hand, the last thing you want is intensive rubbing on your delicate lids!

Here are a few tested recommended products:
Shu Uemura Drawing PencilEven though the shades of brown have changed over the last few years, the easy to use pencil is my go-to. It stays put for the day too!
MAC Prolong Wear EyelinerOne of the softer pencils series in MAC’s product line, this is great to use for just a dabble of colour.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye PencilA good product that also delivers quality pigments and easy to glide on, has lovely stay on results.

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