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Who are you covering today?

If you have enjoyed WRD Music and DJ ICE’s Very Ballroom album back in August and are itching for the Latin version, good news – it’s here! To coincide with the official release this week,  (March 16, out already!) a review is in order!

What’s the deal?

With the ballroom compilation being a huge success in 2014, and is still going strong as the top selling ballroom album worldwide, fans have been waiting for this long awaited release to happen. Already delivering consistently exciting remixes of new and classic songs for the dancesport crowd, DJ ICE (Sirawit Ittisoponpisan) and WRD Music are set to bring high expectations with Very Latin.

 Very Latin: 42 Modern Hits For Latin Dancing

What’s the music like?

In Very Ballroom, the focus of the music was all about enriching the melodies of familiar songs for the Ballroom discipline. But given Latin discipline is primarily about rhythm coordination, the album focuses more into enhancing the beats that set the heart racing into dance mode.

Familiar and modern with a few surprises is the best way to describe the music. With many radio favourites old and new alike gracing the album track page, it is easy for the average listener to digest the different rhythms the pieces provide while keeping the core essence of the songs.

What makes this album special is not simply modernizing typical samba and jive songs that were meant for the assigned dances. The most interesting element in this case is the mixing some of these pieces that are typically used in other dance categories, such as Gasolina being originally a Reggaeton and No Sigue Modas an electronica Merengue, and working them into tracks that can be used for a Dancesport event.

Having said that, if there are instances where covers can possibly excel original versions of the songs that can seduce dancers and listeners into moving to the music, DJ ICE has most certainly done it in this album with style.

Why should I add this to my collection?

As with DJ ICE’s previous works, the musical remix benchmark for Very Latin has once again reached levels that reach expectations where future competitions will very likely be using many of these newly released tracks as music staples. A re-imagination of classic and current covers, the well-placed projections of danceable rhythms further enhance the strong characteristics of each dance style that will delight athletes and social dancers alike.

Recommended Listening

Bailando (original by Enrique Iglesias)
La Colegiala (Solange)
No Sigue Modas (original by Juan Magan)
Tentacion (Mario Bischin)

Cha Cha
Don’t Stop The Party (original by Pitbull)
Mama Lover (Serebro)
Troublemaker (original by Olly Murs)
Mi Vida Contigo (Leticia)

Thinking Out Loud (original by Ed Sheeran)
Stay With Me (original by Sam Smith)
Children (original by Robert Miles)
El Lado Oscuro (Jarade de Palo)

Shake It Off (original by Taylor Swift)
Swing It (London Bus Stop and DJ ICE)
Love In This Club (The Baseballs)

Paso Doble
Espana Cani (The Harmony Group)

Check out below for the full video presentation:

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Image source: WRD Music
Video Source: Dancesport DJ ICE

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