WDSF Grandslam 2015: Why It Will Be An Exciting Year

Coming weekend, from March 6-8, will be the first leg of the WDSF Grandslam 2015 series. As one of the most talked about competitions in the dancesport world, it always brings excitement among fans and athletes alike as the best of the best compete for the top.

But what will make 2015 exciting?

In the 2013-2014 series in the Latin category, due to a series of top couples’ events, ranging from team Zanibellato (Martino) – Abildtrup (Michelle) changing to Professional Division to team Zaytsev (Andrey) – Kuzminskaya (Anna) retiring due to pregnancy, the ranked placings have mostly been predictable as team Langella (Aniello) – Moshenska (Krystyna) were continually placed first with Tsaturyan (Armen) – Gudyno (Svetlana) and Goffredo (Gabrielle) – Matus (Anna) trailing closely behind.

However, several partnerships have dissolved near the end of 2014 and new teams were formed before the Showdown Grandslam in Shanghai.

With the kickoff that marks the beginning of the Grandslam season in Helsinki this weekend, these new partnerships will be competing against previous teammates for the first time as rivals on the same floor.

So how will these new couples fair? We shall have to see! The following notable new partnerships will indeed be a sight:

Team Langella (Aniello) – Bondareva (Vera)

With top member Langella, having previously danced with Moshenska, he and Bondareva have much ground to cover to get back to the top. Of course, this will not be the first time Langella will be facing the ex-partner situation, having previously danced with Bezzubova (Nina) prior to his partnership with Moshenska. Similarly, Bondareva needs to up her own game to match Langella’s standards. Competition will be tough as all the big fish will be fighting on the dance floor, but all eyes will certainly be on this couple in Helsinki!

First debuted in the Italian Championships at Rimini on January 31.

Team Imametdinov (Timur) – Bezzubova (Nina)

Having not competed for a year ever since Imametdinov’s partnership has dissolved with Nikolaeva (Ekaterina) in 2013, as one of the top ranked athletes who has frequently entered the finals in competitions, it’s an exciting time for fans to see him back on the floor, this time paired with Bezzubova. On the other hand, Bezzubova continuous placings in the finals with Balan, has kept her in top form. As seasoned finalists, both individuals are excellent in executing and delivering results. But how will they bring their unique styles into their partnership? Once again, we will begin to see their results compared to the other top names this weekend.

First debuted at Copenhagen’s World Open on February 14.


Team Balan (Marius-Andrei) – Moshenska (Krystyna)

There is a lot to be said for this new partnership. Moshenska, already having been consistently placed first with Langella for 2 years straight, is no stranger to putting her efforts straight to the top. As one who is already used to being the best, Moshenska is likely to continue working hard to maintain her momentum to stay there, this time with Balan. Already a favourite team ever since they announced their new partnership, this is one couple that will bring much excitement in the coming weekend.

First debuted in Pforzheim’s World Open on January 31.

Wishing all athletes the best of luck to the new season!

Image source: Ailura

Video sources:
Langella – Bondareva: Alessandro Levada
Imametdinov – Bezzubova: moscowdance
Balan – Moshenska: Marius Mutin

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