Re-taking That New Year’s Resolution: You Just Need Little Changes!

Way too often, in various conversations since the beginning of January, people have been talking about how they have lost the new year’s resolution of becoming healthier or doing more exercise.

It’s already mid-February, what will you do about it?

To most people, they may just let it go on without changing.

However, James Clear‘s brilliant article on why new habits fail, it is clear that people don’t follow through with their new year’s resolutions simply because they don’t want to change.

On the surface, people desire the results. However, when they do one day of work that is way too difficult for them (such as spending 5 hours in the gym on the first day of the resolution), they instantly give up the next day.

However, there are ways to conquer those moments. The key is to make little changes in your environment.

Little changes in the environment and practiced frequently will give results in the long run.

Have you ever thought of clearing that space in the living room and putting a pair of dance shoes right there with an easy to access stereo? It doesn’t sound  like much, but every time you head to your living room, the moment you see your shoes there, you’ll want to practice those step turns.

However, if you kept your shoes in a box and leave the living room in a clutter, just the thought of practicing would be the last thing on your mind every time you enter the living room. Think about it, just removing the mess everywhere is enough to deter you from practicing.

Similarly, just as little as 15 minutes daily practicing those rumba walks will add up. Even if you’ve missed one day of practice, it becomes much easier to go back to routine since you can easily patch those 15 minutes of practice the next day.

Give or take 2 months down the line, you’ll be thankful that you took those little changes as those frequent practices begin to pay off.

It’s similar to other practices you want to change about yourself, be it for eating healthier throughout the year or adding muscle definition to your back.

So keep it simple, you can retake those new year’s resolutions you’ve made simply by modifying your environment and make it easier for you to complete!

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