Training Journal: Drill Sergeant!

In the last few Saturdays, along with my regular personal practice sessions, I have been running performance step review sessions for my classmates who will be participating for our next performance. Most of my time during those 2 hour sessions is used to bark steps and counts in bite sized sections, drilling the specifics into my classmates’ practicing.

Yes, drilling is the key word!

One of the main concerns I have whenever we practice is the limited amount of time we get to use to practice. Given all of us are not professional dancers, we can only use the remaining time we have for rehearsals.

And this means cutting down on the chit chat in the studio and maximizing productive step reviewing in those dance sessions.

If there is one joy that is a take away, it’s seeing a larger scale of improvement and quality of dancing among my classmates. We are not perfect dancers and will never attain levels that the top performers such as Riccardo and Yulia can achieve, but bringing out a surefire certainty in the show will increase the confidence levels of each performer involved.

May the drilling continue!

Image source: John Kennicutt

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