Year in Review: 5 Best Articles of 2014

Having just passed 2014, what a year it has been! Ranging from starting the Amantis Creations blog to receiving likes on some of my articles, it really has been a fantastic year!

Let’s start the countdown…

Top 5 Articles:

5. Dance Partnerships: The Anatomy of The Blame Game (An Exaggerated Version)
One of my more lighthearted entries and one of those that require some analysis of why dance partners argue, followed up by how to minimize arguing in the first place.

4. Ray Rose Is My Permanent Partner
Fully experiencing a different shoe brand on a personal level, I have come to realize why it is important to have a shoe that fully fits the foot like a glove. In this case, the shoes become your body’s real partner on the dance floor.

3. Do It Because You Love It, Even If You Are Terrible At It
Despite being more of a motivational post that has been inspired by Paddy and her guts to live her dream to dance, it touches you to see an elderly lady live her dream of dancing on the stage. What truly counts is the act of taking action to live the dream instead of simply dreaming.

2. Music Collections: WRD Music and DJ Ice’s Very Ballroom Collaboration
I must thank DJ Ice for sharing my review on his collaboration with WRD Music as this Ballroom music compilation and remixed album became the top selling dance album of the year. If you didn’t get this for your Christmas present, I highly recommend buying a copy to complete your 2014 collection.

1. That Extra Inch: Why Dancers Look Taller Than They Really Are
Simply put, this was a question that possibly aroused much discussion and possibly one that people kept asking over again. Taking the principle of realigning the head position, it is the one subtle change that makes you look fantastic by 200% on the dance floor.

Notable Mentions

Personal Grooming: How To Grow Your Nails
Frustrating and infuriating, learning to grow natural nails has always been a baffling procedure. Having gone through the experience of nail maintenance, here are some tried and tested techniques worth looking into.

The Road to the Peak: an Interview with Riccardo and Yulia
In‘s interview with Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, it shows how the top champions prepare for any competition. Focusing on the role of their partnership and mindset from the champions themselves, the video itself is inspiring for all potential and current competitors.

Music Collections: WRD Music’s Latest Hot Compilations For Ballroom And Latin Dances
If DJ Ice’s Very Ballroom album is not enough for you, WRD Music has also released both Ballroom and Latin dance compilations. Both For You and The Shadow Of Your Smile are just as fabulous for adding to your dancesport music collection.

For a full list of articles I’ve posted, check out the archives by date section.

Here’s to a great 2015!

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