Benefits of Practicing in Practice Shoes Instead Of Latin Sandals

While I have been a long term Ray Rose fan (give or take several years), last week was the first time I bought and danced in their practice shoes.

Best. Feeling. Ever. (And why I didn’t get them earlier still baffles me.)

Visually, while they do not look appealing to lady dancers, practice shoes (sometimes called teaching shoes) do wonders for increasing your enjoyment in the actual dancing.

1. Increased hip action.

Compared to those 2.5-3″ heels, being at least an inch lower at 1.5″ Cuban heels allows much more hip action due to the fact that your heels have more distance to touch the floor. This is especially good for working on the hip action as the higher heels are much more restrictive.

2. Comfort level increased during longer dance sessions.

Ever wore heels for a party for an entire night just to want to get out of them in the end from being forced to be on the balls of your feet for hours? We get the same feeling on a more regular basis (as per amount of time spent dancing per week). Being able to practice in a lower heel would let my have happier feet in the long run.

3. Back to basics stability.

Even though we are constantly growing as dancers with increased abilities of technique execution, one of the things we must consistently return to is doing the steps as they should be done. Being closer to the floor and able to stand on your own feet without your partner’s help is crucial when it comes to basics.

So ladies, if you are aspiring into improving your dancing in the long run, getting past the visual elements and investing in a decent pair of practice shoes as extra tools will help give you better understanding of your dancing as you practice.

Have I missed anything? What are your thoughts of dancing in practice shoes? Share with us in the comments below!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Ray Rose and am simply a long term fan of the brand.

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