Training Journal: Year End Count Down


It’s the time of the year when you’ve only got less than a month before you greet the new year! The latest developments on my end have been somewhat exciting…learning new routines with a group of people who will be performing the same formation dances in front of a public crowd at the end.

Having said that, despite the excitement, it does come with a few pressures.  For one thing, it means having to look after your body extra carefully so that it doesn’t affect your physical and mental concentration during group rehearsals. Another issue that I’m currently dealing with is memorizing every performance routine on your list. While your competition routine will take a little bit of a backseat until then, it doesn’t mean neglecting it entirely either. It simply means to make sure that your performance routine are as impeccable as possible when it comes to step memorization.

Part of the reason is because it is your responsibility to remember what you have been taught so that there is room for modification and improvement in the next ones, which can be anything from being asked to change your arm position to standing in another location. This is where having a video camera (using our phones these days) to record the demo becomes essential; it gives you a reference point to look back on should you forget the steps or you need a refresher.

Overall, I’m mostly excited, even though it means having to head to the studio during most weekend evenings. Experience and having the chance to go through the process of working hard for a performance is what makes a dancer’s lifestyle.

Do you have an upcoming performance soon? Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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