Makeup Bag Favourites: Benefit Hervana Blush

Ever since I’ve started using Benefit’s Hervana blush, I haven’t come across other products that work just as well on my skin both in my un-tanned shade of MAC’s NC20 and tanned NC30 foundations. The colour palette, combining 4 individual shades of mauve, peach, beige and pale orange, makes it such that it goes on naturally with the flushed look. One of the things I love about using a blended mix of colours instead of a singular shade is that it makes the overall effect much more outstanding as the different shades can match with the different skin tones.

I have yet to test the product on Caucasian skin tones and NC40 foundation (perhaps for my next performance or competition!), but by far it works great on most Chinese Asian girls, especially as the shimmer makes it for the barely there casual look. The colour that comes out is generally a tinted shade of pink that you can layer on until you reach the desired effect. The difference is subtle, but Hervana can make anybody’s face brighten up a little.

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