Training Journal: Ray Rose Is My Permanent Partner


When you play tennis, badminton or table tennis, your racket becomes your permanent buddy. The way the handle feels in your hand, the way it bounces the ball/shuttlecock back to the other side of the net…once you’re a serious player, you develop a preference for certain brands/models over others. For dancers, it is the dance shoe.

When I’m training in Latin dances, I would always wear my 3″ Ray Rose (now marketed as Art Sport) Monsoon in size 3.5 (going down by exactly 1 shoe size to my normal measurements). Because after experimenting with a few brands (namely Freed of London and 2 other lesser known brands I cannot remember the names of), Ray Rose felt the best on my feet. Not only does the arch match my foot, there is also very little breaking in that I need to do, major bonus points awarded whenever I needed a brand new pair for an upcoming competition or performance.

While an average pair of Ray Rose shoes cost around €80 and can be seen as expensive to some people, especially for beginners, they are still a good deal compared to some of the other competitive reputed brands such as Supadance, Dance Naturals and Aida. On average, I wear out approximately 2-3 pairs per year, hence I have a tendency to buy 2 pairs each time I make a shoe purchase.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to try a different brand of shoes to dance in. While the Aida brand is comfortable in its own way, the feel on the foot takes some getting used to. Additionally, I have to give bonus points to Ray Rose for not having to need to break into new shoes as they are very wear ready at any moment.

For more information on Ray Rose shoes, please visit their official site.

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