Tips For Accessorizing In Social Dancing (For Ladies)

You’ve got your shoes, lip gloss and dress for your social dance night out. Wait, you still aren’t properly accessorized yet!

Following are some general guidelines (from head to toe) on some of the things you will want to consider when accessorizing your outfit for a dance night out.


Studs, dangles, you name them, there are many kinds out there. If you are going down the chandelier/dangling style route, you will want to consider wearing lighter ones as heavier earrings may cause some stress to your piercings due to the number of spins you may be doing.


Necklaces that reach any longer than a 5cm drop from the base of your neck may become a nuisance to your dancing (especially as pendents and chains may swing to the back a lot more frequently).


Aside from wristwatches, bracelets are not recommended as they will be a nuisance for both yourself and your dance partner as you will want to keep your wrists clear. However, if you are heading to a tango party, you can get away with wearing with wearing an elegant bangle/charm bracelet as you won’t be grasped by the wrists.


Again, similar to bracelets, unless if you are used to wearing a slim and simple band, give your rings a break unless if you wish to scratch your partner’s eye out. It’s an exception for tango parties as there won’t be much hand twisting there either.


This is also a tricky area, particularly for salsa parties. If you will be wearing a waist cinching belt, be sure it is clear of studs, chains and pointy items as they may scratch your partner’s hand.

What other accessories do you think I may have missed out? Let me know in the comments below!

Image source: Lisa Norwood

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