Eyelash Curlers 101: 2 Simple Reasons Why We Should Use Them

It certainly looks like a medieval torture contraption! To anybody who does not apply much makeup on a regular basis, this device can look intimidating at first sight.

Despite actual colouring products such as lipstick and eyeshadows getting more rep in the cosmetics world, the power of the humble eyelash curler is not to be underestimated. Sure, its role is to “curl your lashes” as it is named, however, other than to transform your eyelashes to resemble more like Disney princess eyes (such as Snow White), there are actually a multitude more reasons why the eyelash curler should be used as part of the makeup application process.

2 reasons and situations where eyelash curlers should be used

1. Less chances of smudging your mascara and other eye makeup.

Ever applied mascara to your beautifully made up eyes, and return home hours later to find that you turned more into a raccoon (a hot mess) than a wink worthy hot girl? It’s because you didn’t curl your lashes!

The next time you look at your eyes in the mirror (or anybody else’s), our lashes have a tendency to grow downwards instead of upwards. If the lashes were not curled before putting that mirror away after applying your eye makeup, sweat oils and tears stick to the lashes more often, smearing your hard work through blinking, smiling and other eye expressions you may use.

No amount of waterproof mascara will help keep that eye makeup in place.

Think about it, aside from trying to keep your eyes wide open without blinking, the recommended measure is to redirect those lashes (for a few hours at least) and having them turned upwards, there will be less chances for those lashes to interfere with your hard work.

While this action does not completely eliminate smudging, chances are, your eyes will still look presentable after a few hours with minimal touch up.

2. It helps support your fake eyelashes during application.

For those of us who need to use falsies (either regularly or on occasions), the most annoying part is the actual act of gluing and sticking your fake eye lashes onto your eyes.

As I mentioned previously, our eyelashes have a natural tendency to grow downwards rather than upwards. By curling our natural lashes prior to the fake eyelash application, we create a “table” for the falsies to rest on. Less chances of slipping while trying to stick those little annoying fluffs!

Now that you understand the reasons behind using eyelash curlers more often, the next step is to learn to use them properly. Makeup Geek provides an excellent video tutorial on how to curl your lashes with the curlers. For tips on how to choose your curlers, Beautylish has an easy to follow article on the factors you should consider before buying, as well as a few product recommendations on site.

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Image source: Ludmila Pilecka

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