Training Journal: Grooming Blues

Most people assume that simply putting on make up, setting our hair and having the right dress on for a competition or performance are all we need to remember when it comes to grooming.

For a few of us, there is much more than the 3 basic components when preparing for an event, stress level ranked out of 5 based on personal experience.

Here we go!

Nail Polish: Nail polish that is older than 4 days and/or chipped will tamper with our mood greatly. Why? Because the drying process after polish application takes a few hours (despite claims that some brands say that they are “quick drying”), and there is always a chance of smudging the talons. Of course, there is always the option of getting gel nails, but this can damage the nail bed and weakening them for a few months while they regrow so I do not recommend this procedure.
Stress level: 4/5

Skin moisturizing/exfoliating (body): Everybody knows that the skin looks worse during the winter months than summer months. Simply because the skin is much dryer from being exposed to less humidity than during the summer months. However, because there is extra work to be done, optimizing the skin condition is highly recommended to ensure that there is a proper job. Think of it as sweeping and scrubbing the floor from debris before adding the wax job.
Stress level: 3/5

Waxing (body): Unless blessed with baby smooth skin into adulthood or can afford permanent removal, there is always body hair to contend with. It’s a little painful, but it’s still the best method to rid hair and let you have silky skin that lasts around a week before seeing regrowth.
Stress level: 3/5

Tweezing (face): Fact: Just cleaning up eyebrow area is subtle, yet makes the eye area much brighter. It’s more painful than waxing (this is personal opinion so it’s subjective), though it does help keep the stress down if you’re able to give yourself a trim every other week.
Stress level: 2/5

Self-tanning (body): Possibly the mecha of stress levels, especially for those who are not used to tan applications. Self-tan products are a priority for professional dancers as they enhance the muscle tones as well as give extra colour under the bright lights. However, as beautiful as a tan job can look when properly done, an entire list of hazards during the tan development process can happen, ranging from streaking due to water contact and staining your bed sheets to missing spots or looking more orange than tan.
Stress level: 5/5

Having said all that, while there is plenty to worry over when it comes to grooming that commences days before the big event, at the end of the day, it serves as a beauty ritual we go through, perhaps on the equivalent to the process before a huge date.

Despite the blues, it is always worth the effort because we can see ourselves looking  more glamorous than usual, allowing us a chance to show our grandchildren that once upon a time, we can have an excuse to get dressed up and perform in those beautiful photos.

Over to you: Do you have any grooming rituals that I have missed out? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!

Image source: Paula Wieck

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