That Extra Inch: Why Dancers Look Taller Than They Really Are

Ever seen a dancer in performance and see the same person afterwards close up backstage?

While this does not happen in every setting, in most occurrences, standing next to some of the dancers and doing a height comparison sometimes gives you a double-take: “He/She looks much taller on the stage!”

Why is this?

If you have been to any dance class, teachers are certain to have kept repeating the same thing over, and that is to maintain a good posture.

What is posture anyway? And how does one classify it as “good”?

In the simplest terms, it can be defined as “a particular position of the body”.  Yet there are so many positions, even slouching is considered as a type of “posture”, though it is usually told in the negative sense.

While each dance discipline may have their own variation of what is considered to be as “good posture”, it all boils down to being able to elongate your entire body from head to toe in a completely upright stance.

How do I know if I’m doing this correctly?

The best way to find out is to look at yourself in the mirror. But not within 2 metres, because you would be standing too close to see.

The recommended distance would be checking your reflection at a minimum of 5 metres away from your mirrors. Why? Because even a slight tilt in the head can affect the way you look from afar!

Many of us are unaware that we’re slouching slightly on a daily basis. This is because we rarely check ourselves out in such a state. Given the majority of the population is now leading a lifestyle hunched over desks and seats for work and pleasure, slouching has become a norm in our lives.

What if I forget? Is there a simple way to maintain good posture daily?

One trick I have learned is to hold my head as though I’m on the tips of my toes, as if I were a kid and am barely tall enough to see what’s on the other side of a wall that’s just slightly shorter than my height.

Another way of understanding this method is to pretend as though you are pointing your eyeballs to the other side of town, as if you have just swung your golf club and hit the ball all the way to the other end of the field.

Simply by doing this action of actively looking further than your accustomed distance when walking down the street, your head will naturally align itself to the point where your body will straighten itself a little more, and hence allowing you to gain the illusion of having grown an extra inch without outside help.

Has this article helped you? Share it with someone you think may benefit from having better posture! Tell us in the comment section if you have more tips that have worked for you, I’d love to know!

Image source: Dancesport Show

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