WDSF: German Open Championships 2014, A Tight Race!

The month of August is yet another exciting time on the competition calendar. As a major sporting event similar in fame to Blackpool, the German Open Championships (GOC) in Stuttgart receives just as much hype and coverage. Over the course of a week, the world’s best dancers of all ages battle it out on the dance floor,  ranging from the youths and seniors to the highly anticipated adult Grand Slams and Professional Division (PD) Grand Prix events.

While the race to the top in the Grand Slam categories have been intense among couples who have received close scores, the one that has received the most attention was the PD Super Grand Prix Latin. Andrey Zaytsev, having won the Grand Slam Latin at the event back in 2012 with his previous partner, Anna Kuzminskaya, has brought the competition into the competition with his new partner, Elizaveta Cherevichnaya, when faced against Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildtrup on the floor, who took 2nd runner up in the same event that year. What makes this rivalry particularly dramatic is the fact that Zaytsev and Zanibellato have, not only regularly battled for the top in previous events, but have also received similar points in the finals in this year’s GOC, each scoring higher for certain dances by mere decimals apart.

Watch Zaytsev (couple number 47) and Zanibellato (couple number 23) fight it out in the Jive!

Source: WDSF Blog

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