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The wait for WRD Music and DJ ICE’s ballroom collaboration is over! As the release is this week,  (August 11, out already!) and given DJ ICE’s remixes consist of some of the most in demand tracks for dancesport competitions, the compilation is in for a thorough review!

What’s the deal?

Having started music remixing since mid-2011 out of passion for ballroom dance and sharing his work on his YouTube channel, DJ ICE (Sirawit Ittisoponpisan) quickly became a popular name among the younger generation of dancers due to his ability to adding punch to trending music. Suddenly, songs by the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele and Madonna were popping up in European and WDSF competitions thanks to his remixes in making his tracks more appropriate for dancing with stronger beats and tempo.

As WRD Music is a large name for modern dancesport music compilations, this collaboration between this talented DJ and producer is a dream waiting to happen.

 Very Ballroom: 44 Modern Hits For Ballroom Dancing

What’s the music like?

Bringing fresh perspective to new and classic songs alike, there are plenty of twists and spins to familiar favourites and popular music to appeal to a wider audience. By including the latest trendy soundtracks, it’s a step up into casting a musical spell for ballroom music for movie and gaming geeks. However, this is not to say that the typical dancesport listener is alienated. In fact, there are several typical dance classics that have made it to the compilation because the entire set is all about merging several generations of music, whether through song covers or pop tracks, in a modern ballroom album.

Why should I add this to my collection?

Old and new fusion, I highly recommend the album for movie buffs and lovers of good song covers. Taking you on a journey through soundtrack favourites, the music transports you to special memorable moments from the silver screen, ranging from Frozen and Skyfall to Burlesque and The Lion King. With a fan base that has over 27,000 likes on DJ ICE’s Facebook page at the time of writing, one can expect no less than wanting to tango or waltz to this album as much as possible.

Recommended Listening

Let It Go (From Frozen) (DJ ICE feat. Jonna)
To Zanarkand (From Final Fantasy)
Time (From Inception)

Sweet Dreams (Tanghetto  - DJ ICE edit)
Be Prepared (From The Lion King)
Eleanor Rigby (SuperTango feat. Ituana)

Viennese Waltz
Bound To You (From Burlesque) (Deja vu – DJ ICE edit)

Billie Jean (Karen Souza – DJ ICE edit)
Dolce Vita (Ely Bruna – DJ ICE edit)
Les Yeux Ouverts (Roxane De Lafontaine – DJ ICE edit)
16 Tons (LeAnn Rimes – DJ ICE edit)

Show Me How You Burlesque (The New Burlesque Roadshow)
Puttin’ On A Pinstripe Suit (Chris Walden – DJ ICE edit)
Pantaloons (Tape Five – DJ ICE edit)
Wonderwall (Berk & The Virtual Band – DJ ICE edit)

Check out the full video presentation below:

Buy the music (preview available):
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Edit: DJ ICE and WRD Music have also released their Latin album Very Latin on March 16, 2015. Check out my review!

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Image source: WRD Music
Video source: Dancesport DJ ICE

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