Do It Because You Love It, Even If You’re Terrible At It

Have you ever done something that you’re terrible at, but you still do it anyway, simply because you love it so much? Perhaps it’s singing in the shower. Or you enjoy taking photos of cute animals with your SLR camera. Either way, your family/roommate may have commented that you’re a terrible singer, or you might feel that your photos look too much like snapshots.

Last week, I talked about Paddy living her dream to be a dancer on the stage. From all the acrobats and fast paced dancing, the audience reaction makes us feel inspired when we see watch her.

Yet having said all that, it is one thing to be inspired. But through inspiration, how many people would actually take action into doing what they love?

“Oh no, I’m too old for this.”
“I can never do that!”
“It’s too expensive!”

It’s excuses all over again.

A while ago, I came across Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness site, and one of the blog entries that landed in my inbox that’s worth sharing is how essential it is do things we love, even if we suck completely at it. He elaborates on how we must start somewhere, even if it means falling flat on your face every single time in the beginning.

Nobody becomes good at something overnight.

When we see professional dancers at the top of their game, we feel the envy. But what most people do not realize is that we are seeing the end result of hard work.

Imagine a 3 year old child. He has just learned to walk on his two feet. But he’s clumsy, because he’s not used to knowing how to use them. He waddles like a penguin on slippery ground. He falls from tripping over a rock that he didn’t see. He might increase his pace and start to zoom across the playground because he wants to obtain something he’s incredibly excited about.

When he trips and falls, does he whine and say that he will never want to walk again? No! Sure, he might cry a little from that small cut he got from grazing his knee on a few pebbles, but in the end, he simply gets up and tries again.

Besides, nobody is born with the perfect ability to walk straight away.

Similarly, dancers do not start out looking good. They were no different to the 3 year old child falling over each time he tries to walk or run. They have endured hours of sweating, lonely studio time, receiving cuts on their feet from accidentally stabbing their heels, being brutally scolded by their coaches all the mistakes they were doing…

Yes, there were moments when you wished you can allow yourself to skip practice time due to fatigue. Or your movements are not looking as graceful as you would like them to be. Friends and family might point and laugh at you looking more like a clumsy bowl of spaghetti than a high flying eagle soaring the skies.

But by letting these distractions take over and not actively taking steps to actually trying, all we can do is dream.

Dance because you love the music. Dance because you’re feeling happy. Dance because you’re feeling sad. Nobody is asking perfection from you, but because you’re constantly doing something, you will improve over time.

Become that 3 year old kid again. Pick yourself up and try again when you fall. Do it anyway because you love it.

Have you done something that you were terrible at but still did it? Share with us in the comments below!

Image source: Jamie Campbell

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