Age is only a number: Drawing inspiration from 80 year old Paddy’s performance

“I’m too old for this.”
“I can never do that.”
“It’s too late for me.”
“I’ll probably be scared or uncomfortable.”
“My friends and family think I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Do the above sound familiar? These are variations of the typical excuses an average person makes that prevent them from living the dream they want.

However, do be reminded that these mental boundaries can be broken, just as Paddy did when she and her partner Nico took the world by its horns when they auditioned for the Britain’s Got Talent series earlier this year.

As with typical stereotyping, Simon Cowell and most of the audience have already written them off since the beginning of the performance because they assumed that the couple was only going to show a boring tango. But when the acrobatics started in the salsa section, the entire atmosphere of the audience changed from yawns to squeals of delight.

People write you off because they have low expectations. For them, it is only a dream because they do nothing to achieve it.


Paddy went against all odds and proved that even at her age, she is able to live her life as a dancer on the international stage. It was not the perfect routine, her technicalities were not of a typical young dancer’s standard, but instead of wallowing, she proved to the world, as the video went viral a few months ago, that dreams can indeed be reached. She did not let her age stop her from doing what her heart truly desired.

I greatly applaud Paddy for inspiring us. Despite only reaching 9th place in the finals for the show due to injury, the whole world wanted to see more because the audience was so captivated by her performance. This is the power of what achieving dreams can do: it changes your image from a being no-achiever to a fascinating level.

Here is more on what the older generation has to say about Paddy. Words of wisdom from the experienced demographic!

Over to you: have you tried something that you wanted to do and achieved it? If not, what is stopping you? Share with us in the comments!

Source: Britain’s Got Talent YouTube Channel and The Fine Brothers’ YouTube Channel

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