Training Journal: I’m learning Argentine Tango!

Despite having learned the steps in the form of a crash course back in 2005 and started heading to the milongas in 2011, one can never really know how to dance properly until after reinvesting some time into going back to basics in the studio environment.

I’ve always promoted self-learning in dancing. However, it is just as important to take lessons with a good coach. They have a different eye for details that I was not aware of. Initially, it could feel awkward from having to modify a few subtle details out of habit, but awkward is good!

Even now, after completing a beginner’s course, I’m still having trouble in some areas, such as being in close embrace…it’s difficult when you’re used to dancing most styles in the open embrace! (Or what the ballroom community might call the “close hold”.)  In the face of Argentine Tango, retaking the complete beginner’s course became top priority to clean up any more mash ups.

There is only 1 cycle that I consistently follow as with all : guided lessons, focal practice on common mistakes. Rinse and repeat!

Image source: Jorge Láscar

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