3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Attending Live Competitions

Ever been to a sports event? What was it like? Was it the preliminary round? The quarter final? The final? Who was competing? Did it excite you? Bore you?

Dancesport competitions, just as for any other sports event, have leagues of their own. Just as each event has its own hype, the following are some of the main lessons learned from being a spectator in a big competition. Other than being immersed in the excitement of attending a live event, here are 3 main points that I’ve learned from watching competitions at the venue:

1. Instant comparison between technical standards can be spotted.

Our eyesight and understanding of the technical aspects may not be as sharp as the adjudicators’. However, there will always be something that will separate the top performers from the rest of the pack, drawing our attention towards them. This is especially important when you’re observing the details of each movement. Of course, if you’re able to watch videos, it helps too, but watching the dancers live allows you to draw your own judgment.

2. Cheering loudly for your favourite team is crucial.

Normal people who are not used the spot light may get jittery when we suddenly put them on the spot. Athletes, in the other hand, are different, because they are trained to consistently perform under pressure. When the team you support knows that there is somebody watching them and rooting for their success, it shoots them a rush of adrenaline. This was especially the case when I was madly cheering for a few of my favourite teams, and the dancers would approach our side of the audience area to bow in acknowledgment that they’ve heard your cheers.

3. The dancers work the hardest in highly contested competitions.

Personally, I have higher preference for watching dancers competing than watching the same people performing for a one-off performance. This is because, during competitions, they’re each fighting to reach a better ranking, and just like in any other sporting event, one slip up could easily cost them their target rank position. On the other hand, in the case of performances, it’s simply a showcase of abilities and aesthetics rather than aiming for technical perfection. Therefore, if you want to watch dancers at their best form, watch them when they’re competing hard amongst their peers!

To further illustrate point 2, here’s an interview from Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, who were placed second from this weekend’s WDSF GrandSlam in Hong Kong. Congratulations once again!

Source: DanceSport Total Channel

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