WDSF: Counting Down to 2nd 2014 Grand Slam in Hong Kong

The month of May is certainly one of the most exciting ones in the Dancesport calendar. Not only do we have the Blackpool Dancesport Festival taking place, the 2014 World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Grand Slam series continues, this time in Hong Kong!

While Blackpool is about the glamour, in addition to aesthetics, WDSF Grand Slams are about sportsmanship and athleticism, similar to that of figure skating and gymnastics. Similar to popularly watched mainstream sports such as tennis and golf, grand slam events are focused on couples winning the major competitions in a year. For WDSF, there is a total of 5 events in the GrandSlam series (each host city is contracted as per International Olympic Committee rules), with the 6th as the showdown amongst the top 12 ranked couples in the year for each discipline, the latter by invitation only.

The excitement stems from the fact that the publicity efforts and live streams/broadcasts that the WDSF organizes, allowing more access for the general public to view Ballroom and Latin American dancing as sports disciplines with an artistic and performance touch.

As a bonus photo, here’s proof that I’ll be going to watch the Latin category live!

As they will (most likely) be broadcasting the finals live on YouTube and the WDSF site, there is a possibility you might get a glimpse of me waving in the background*.

*Note: This actually happened several times in last year’s GrandSlam! See if you can spot me in the crowd at 05:12!

In the mean time, here is the promotional video for the event with clips from last year’s competition.

For more information about the WDSF’s history and vision, do check out their official site to see how it all started.

Image source: Ailura

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