Blackpool: Why all the fuss?

If you’ve been following my Twitter and Facebook, you must have been wondering why I’ve been retweeting and sharing items related to the annual Blackpool Dance Festival. For those of you who are wondering, it is the most prestigious Ballroom dancing competition in the Dancesport world, with hype similar to that of The Olympics.

Blackpool Dance Festival’s history go back to 1920. Famous for its magnificently elegant halls with a very good sprung dance floor, which is perfect for limiting knee injuries, the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens is an icon for the glamour associated with the beautiful sparkles and sequins of the glitzy ballroom dream. As time progressed, the annual competition became the ultimate place to go to for the top athletes to battle it out in dancing.

Today, with the annual festival lasting for 8 days, hosting 12 events and close to 3,000 participants in total, one can expect no less than the best from this exciting event.

Check out some of the best moments from DSI TV to get a taste of the finals.


For more information, the official festival site has details of the history and background of Blackpool Dance Festival.

Have you heard of the Blackpool Dance Festival? What do you think of it? Do tell us in the comments!

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