Music Collections: WRD Music’s Latest Hot Compilations For Ballroom And Latin Dances

Who are you covering today?

Overall, I have a preference for covering artists instead of songs for my Music Collections series, but when I found out that WRD Music company is releasing new albums (April 28, out today!), I’ve decided to make my rave as this week’s entry.

Why? Because I listened to the previews, and both releases are excellent! Also,  listening to compilations is another way to be introduced to artists that could interest you. You’d be surprised by the kinds of things you might actually enjoy!

What’s the deal?

I have always been a fan of WRD Music ever since I started questing for modern music for Ballroom and Latin dancing. Compiling a suitable playlist to dancing has never been a simple matter; most people usually associate social dancing as “something old people do”. But the rise of TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars have given the general audience a better understanding that social dancing can also be done by the younger generation and to pop culture music.

A compilation album is another way of saying “mix tape” or “best of playlist” as a method of recommendation or introduction to music collection within a certain genre. WRD Music has always been one of the pioneers for using original tracks instead of remixes while keeping current with popular culture. In cases where the tempo in the original song is either too fast or too slow for competitive standards, these are also adjusted accordingly to match the appropriate speed.

For Dancesport music, competition DJs are very likely to use tracks from the such compilations due to the fact that they have all been carefully selected to match the standard tempo during competitions. For you who are still new to the Dancesport scene, The Ultimate series is one of the best places to start building your Ballroom and Latin music collection.

So we’ll be looking at their latest album releases, which are some of the better compilations for Dancesport competition (and social) music due to these sets reverting back to classic style beats with modern artists rather than remixing current trends.

Note: Both albums are available for preview listening on WRD Music’s official site.

 The Ultimate Ballroom Album 17: For You


What’s the music like?

I must say that this has to be one of the freshest compilations of the series. For You is all about the Foxtrots and Quicksteps: envisaging the scene into hip jazz lounge while losing the cheese factor that usually prevails in yesteryear pieces.  The Tango selections do not disappoint either; instead of recycling somewhat overused classic titles commonly heard on too many dance floors, the tracks are modern and edgier while still appealing to those with more classic tastes.

Why should I add this to my collection?

Trendy, hip and lively, this album is highly recommended for new comers who want a good starting point for collecting Ballroom music. Featuring many current artists such as Caro Emerald, Diana Krall, Mandrágora Orchestra, and Renee Olstead, this album will definitely be a crowd pleaser for any occasion, be it for socials, practices, competitions or performances. For You aims to bring Ballroom dancing back to the younger generation.

Recommended Listening

Charmed Life (Diana Krall)
Meet Me Midnight (Renee Olstead)
Just One Dance (Caro Emerald)

Can’t Touch It (Ricki Lee Coulter)
Bounce With Me (Kreesha Turner)

Belonging (Secret Garden)

Golden Earrings (London Swing Orchestra)
Infiltrado (Bajofondo)
Youkali (Canciones Del Sol)

Buy the music (preview available):
Buy The Ultimate Ballroom Album 17: For You on WRD Music

 The Ultimate Latin Album 15: The Shadow Of Your Smile


What’s the music like?

The latest Latin album release is also a fantastic hit; unlike a few of the previous compilations, The Shadow Of Your Smile returns to more old school Latin beats instead of remixed pop. Again, the choices that have made the cut are kept to the more modern end of the spectrum by featuring more Latin pop and jazz rhythms, particularly for the Cha Cha and Rumba sections.

Why should I add this to my collection?

Again, this album is recommended for new comers who want a good starting point for collecting Latin dance music. In this case, many tracks are bound to make you want to jump up and dance along, and even if you can’t dance, you’re bound to want to snap your fingers or do the odd shimmy to a few songs.

Recommended Listening

Cuidado Con El Deseo (Olga Tanon)
Vive La Vida (Luis Mirlo)
Dov’e L’Amore (Cher)

Cha Cha
Carlito Marron (Carlinhos Brown)
Y Te Vas Conmigo (Natalia Oreiro)
Dance With You (Brigitte Zarie)
No Hay Problema (Pink Martini)

If You Go Away (Patricia Kaas)
Rose Spezzate (Anna Tatangelo)
De Ti Y De Mi (Lolita)
Quedate (Lara Fabian)

Tintarella Di Luna (Tape Five)
Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley Swing Cats Remix)
Monday Morning (Melanie Fiona)

Buy the music (preview available):
Buy The Ultimate Latin Album 15: The Shadow Of Your Smile on WRD Music

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