Say No to Drink Dancing!

We’ve seen this often before when applied to driving: If you drink, don’t drive. What if I were to tell you to apply the same rule for dancing?

While alcohol helps us lower our inhibitions, the courage department in particular, I highly do not recommend drinking when on a dance night out for 2 reasons:

1. Our motor skills become messed up.

What happens when you’ve had one too many to drink? Other than possibly starting to be more open to confessing your crush to somebody, your reaction times become slower, what’s normally considered as “easy” actions such as walking in a straight line becomes sloppy. Add dancing to the mix and the probability of injuries become much higher. Your ability to execute spins with a sturdy landing becomes hampered and, similar to driving, the possibility of accidents become more rampant. Also, especially in the case of men, they become rougher with their actions, and having been countless cases when I’ve had to let my hand go in case they might twist my arms the wrong way.

2. We start to stink.

This applies more to people who have had one too many beers. Not so long ago, I was dancing with a somewhat good looking guy…but the one thing that really put me off was his beer stench! Even being in an arm’s length didn’t do much good, I could still smell his terrible beer breath. It’s one of those situations where getting close to a guy, no matter how good looking he is, was out of the question.

While alcohol will never be banned at dance venues, please think of, not just yourself, but of others as well. If you absolutely must have a drink, please limit yourself to less. We’ll thank you for your ability to conduct yourself appropriately and for being less of a public hazard.

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