Training Journal: The Lonesome Road



While the aim of social dancing for many people is purely social (i.e. get to meet boys and girls on a night out), for those who strive to improve individual skills and technique, it is actually a solo journey that we have chosen to embark on.

I call it The Lonesome Road.

I head to lessons because I want live guidance about my technique. I spend hours in the studio because I’m determined to make sure I take what I’ve learned to heart. I also schedule solo practices because I must be able to carry my own weight to stop relying on others.

The results from constantly working on improving my styling and technique are mine, and mine alone.

Teachers, fellow dancers, partners and trending moves come and go, but the one thing that remains constant is my journey in dance.

I admit, it’s lonely sometimes, but when I look back on some of the dance accomplishments I’ve achieved from putting in those hours of sweaty moments in the studio, it’s enough for me to want to push myself further.

Overcoming the sense of loneliness is the crucial element of adventuring on this lonesome road, because there is nobody but yourself to blame for your lack of progress.

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