WDSF: 1st 2014 Grand Slam in Tallinn with many Perfect 10s!

Wow, it only felt like yesterday when I was watching the final 2013 Grand Slam showdown that was held in Shanghai. Well, the 1st leg of the 2014 Grand Slam series has just been completed in Tallinn, Estonia.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Aniello and Khrystyna topped first place in the Adult Latin category once again, a great start to the new year. However, what did surprise all of us was that they scored a near perfect 40 points (hitting 39.86 points after receiving perfect scores from 11 out of 12 adjudicators) for their Paso Doble in the final round.

Clean, fierce and to the point with bold fluidity, clearly this was their best Paso Doble to date.

Now we await the official WDSF communications team to upload the Final Reel. Stay tuned!

Source: WDSF Blog

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