Music Collections: Astor Piazzolla, The Nuevo Tango Revolutionist

Who are you covering today?

Astor Piazzolla, the tango composer.

What’s the deal?

Considered as one of the most prominent composers of Tango music in the 20th century, Astor Piazzolla’s compositions are popular amongst Tango enthusiasts. By incorporating elements from jazz and classical music, he has created what he described back then as Nuevo Tango style music, which also influenced and inspired many later generations of Tango musicians.

What’s the music like?

Mixing a range of instruments, ranging the bandon√©on, cello, violon, Piazzolla knows how to marry and harmonize the melodic aspects of jazz and classical styles to create the tango voice in his compositions. No matter which compositions, you can feel the different passions in this native Argentinian’s music. The beautiful melancholy and wistfulness in Oblivion, the simmering dramatic tension in Libertango…you can feel many different emotions all at once, the very essence of how Tango can be experienced.

Why should I add this to my collection?

With his music frequently flourishing in Tango salons and cafes, it is easy to imagine the many depths and layers of emotional beauty shown in Piazzolla’s music. Upon dancing to a Piazzolla piece, it is extremely easy to move and feel the sensuously seductive sounds, with moments of dissonance that encourage sparks of passion and possible drama. Every dance opens an opportunity to new dialogue. I highly recommend this legend when building your tandas.

Recommended Listening

Fuga y misterio
Vuelvo al Sur
Tango Apasionado
Adios Nonino

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