Training Journal: I’m In Taiwan!

Firstly, if you are celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse! I’m writing this in Taiwan as I’m here on holiday.

Despite all the festivities, one of the things I dislike, particularly when you’re merely a week away from a competition, is that you’re forced to be out of your regular practice schedule and environment.

While there may be a tendency to give into temptations (such as overeating and assuming that you’ll pick it up again after the holidays are over), it is important to at least put some time into drilling your routine at possible maximum speed everyday when competition time is just around the corner, even if it’s only for an hour so as you don’t lose the muscle memory, which I’ll talk about in a later entry.

Having said that, I’m grateful to be able to find a place to practice (even though it’s not the best place possible). Here’s a photo of me in my temporary training home in Taiwan!


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