Happy New Year! Featuring: Going Live

First things first: Happy New Year!

Understandably, it’s a little late, given we’re already close to the end of January of 2014, but, as I’m writing this, we are also close to the end of the Year of the Snake on the Chinese calendar. I have decided to do the official first entry launch a little earlier than the scheduled launch during the Chinese New Year period, simply because I’m more excited than ever to start blogging already!

For the next 2 weeks, other than participating in the new year festivities, I’ll also be continuously training for my next competition (3-dance Latin against my classmates). At the moment, my partner and I have been tweaking sections of our dance routines as part of our “improve through repetition” plan. Of course, when the competition comes, it will be a good time to gauge on how much we’ve actually improved over the last year.

I’m ready to rock the new year!

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